Colegio International Christian School of Lima

Colegio International Christian School of Lima

John Havill



What is the mission of ICS-Lima? 
The mission of the ICS-Lima is to provide a quality education in the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social, and physical dimensions of life; to instill in each student a Biblical worldview, a respect for people of all cultures and religions, and a desire for academic excellence.

Who are your teachers? 
Our teachers are certified teachers from the United States, Canada, and England. They are passionate about education, love children and care about each child.  They are professionals who strive to meet the needs of each child they serve. Each elementary classroom has an English-speaking classroom aide to assist the teacher. Many of these aides are Peruvian certified teachers with classroom experience.

What is the school atmosphere like? 
We have a loving family atmosphere, with a caring environment, where many cultures come together as one. The school is comprised mainly of families who work in international businesses, diplomats, missionaries, embassy staff and immigrants from other countries but is also open to Peruvian nationals. There are over 25 countries represented in a school that has less than 175 total students.   Most of the classes have 6 to 8 different nationalities represented in their classroom. This multicultural classroom is a great learning atmosphere with students from around the world. Students receive individual attention since classes are full with only 16 students.

What is your academic program like?
Our school has a dual program which offers the Official Peruvian Program (OPP) and an American International Diploma (AID). In addition to its Peruvian recognition, ICS-Lima is fully accredited by the US-based AdvancEd / Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).
We have three English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teachers to help our students learn English and prepare them to study in the United States. ICS-Lima has a three-part EFL program consisting of in-school classes, after-school classes, and month-long classes in January or July during school breaks. ICS-Lima requires that all students who are non-native English speakers must take the TOEFL iBT and score a 70 or above before they are allowed to graduate. An elective TOEFL study class is offered.
ICS-Lima provides a college-preparatory curriculum in an English environment. The school offers Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus AB, Biology, English Literature, English Language, US History, World History, Studio Art: Drawing 2D and Spanish Literature. We offer 11 other AP courses online with one of our network schools, NorthStar Academy. ICS-Lima graduates from our AID program have transferred into US universities with over 30 credits (1 year) after passing the AP exams given each May. Our students are attending universities in 6 different countries with the majority going to the United States.
The educational program of ICS-Lima is enhanced by a varied after-school program. Each student may choose from over a dozen different after school clubs each semester. ICS-Lima also offers a team sports program in the areas of soccer, volleyball, and basketball.

ICS-Lima is a part of the Network of International Christian Schools (NICS) which operates 18 schools in 15 different countries. With an office in Southaven, MS we are able to recruit qualified teachers year round giving us a first class teaching staff. Sharing curriculum, testing results, network software and more strengthens the school program.
Besides the Peruvian national test ICS-Lima evaluates student progress with an English based test called Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) from the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) in the United States. This US test helps us to evaluate and compare our students with students from all around the US. During the last three years of the secondary program we administer the PSAT and SAT tests for students who are going to the US for university.

If you have any questions or would like to come by and see the school please email or call us to set up an appointment.